men praying in a mosque in Marawi

I won't bother writing a long post. Just these 10 points that are easy to understand.

1. If you have no intellect to speak of, please resign. Legislation is not for idiots and retards.

2. If you have no guts to speak in public, please go home and plant camote. The House of
Representatives is not for the mute.

3. If you do not listen to the cries of the masses, please, the door is wide open. Being a congressman is not for the deaf.

4. If you do not go around and see for yourself the real situation on the ground, please take a vacation leave forever. The Lower House is not for the blind.

5. If have no empathy, please leave the House. You have to know what it is to be in our shoes to be able to represent us.

6. If you have no conscience, go to hell. Thousands of lives are at stake in your simple yes or no. (You need not go now, but surely you'll end up there eventually.)

7. If you're there for the money, there are other illegal ways to earn money, please help yourself with your haram earnings, just don't rob the people.

8. If you think that bombing is okay, please direct the bombers to your own house. You may be able to rebuild it, while most of us cannot afford to replace a tenth of what we've lost.

9. If you do not think much of the lives of those who are still in the custody of the terrorists, feel free trade places with them.

10. If you think well eventually forget this betrayal, you're wrong. We will take it to the grave.