Fatnam Kween Qzy

(Posted edited, photos and video taken down as per request of my lovely readers.)

As of this morning, the video uploaded by a certain Amer Alonto has been watched 69 thousand times.The video was uploaded around midnight and shows four girls waiting for someone to come into the room with a video ready to shoot the whole setup.

Allegedly, the video was first uploaded by Kween--the one holding the camera. But rumors say that someone else posted the video other than Kween, and later made a bogus account--Amer Alonto.

Reading the comment section, I noticed five kinds of response:

1. Sympathy for the victim #justiceforhoneybee
2. Shaming the bullies (tigiran oba iran dait)
3. Asking the uploader to take down the video
4. Relatives of the victim threatening to avenge (mamatay siran bu)
5. Criticizing the parents for not raising their children well (didun botowan ka o di kadisiplina so wata na giya pun a Marawi)

Here's my two cents:

These girls I believe are young, late into the teenage years, that stage in our lives when we are still finding out who we are. We can do crazy stuffs when we are young. Moreover, we do not know what each one of them, we do not know how nice they can actually be if they are not angry. We do not know what happened before the incident, what words were exchanged between them.

To judge solely based on a 41 seconds video is premature. Although I concede that the video looks very bad. The victim said she did not come to fight, and that she won't fight back but Fatnam kept slapping her with a watch under her palm (thus the sharp sound of her slaps).

There are also allegations that the reason why they did this is because the victim owes the boyfriend of on of the girls 1,800 pesos. But that's too shallow isn't it?

I hope nothing more tragic will come out of this. I hope the parents of these girls will not condone their children's mistake. Ground them if they must. Wag nang magmaratabat.

They are just kids. This event hopefully will not define who they'll become. They have so much power in their hands to turn this into a lesson and be better in the future. The rumors will die down. It's going to be okay. :)